Seniors push for freedom to decorate graduation caps

While students have asked to be able to decorate their caps, the administration has maintained that the class should look unified as they appear together one final time.

Since the University High School first opened back in 2004, the policy has always been that you are not allowed to walk across the stage with a decorated graduation cap. Which is also the policy at the University of Hartford, UHSSE’s partner.

“Graduation is not about individuals.” Principal Sean Tomany said. “It’s a dignified event and decorating caps is an individual thing.”

Many of the graduating seniors feel differently about the policy.

“I feel like it’s foolishness that we can’t decorate our caps. I feel like it’s our time to shine.” said Shadae Brown 23’. “We are representing the school but we are also representing ourselves so we should have the chance to decorate our caps.“

Many students stand beside Brown in her opinion on the topic.

“I feel that it kind of breaks the spirit of having fun and enjoying our graduation because a lot of people want to express themselves with their cap.” Fabion Haynes 23’ said. “If we can’t express ourselves, our graduation isn’t going to feel like it’s to the fullest the way we want it to feel.”

Decorating the cap gives students the freedom to celebrate their years of high school being over, but it’s also a representation of the school you are graduating from. If a student abuses that freedom and writes a slur or an inappropriate saying on their cap, that is poorly representing our school.

On the bright side, it could give the teachers and parents a heartwarming feeling to see all the students with decorated caps that represents them and their personality.

Mr. Tomany is lenient enough to give any seniors wanting one a second cap to decorate and do whatever they please with. He’s just asking that you give back the blank cap at the end of the ceremony. So if you would like to get a second cap to have to take pictures with, please go see Mr. Tomany.