Esports team wins state championship


Courtesy photo

The League of Legends team that won the state championship. (L to R): Coach Andy Eaton, Xavier Torres ‘23, Alexandros Cooke-Politikos ‘23, Prasidda Pandey ‘23, Wilson Nguyen ‘24, Oscar Wong ‘23, Devanney Thomas ‘23.

The University High School esports team has made it to the playoffs and passed the championships. In the championships, the UHSSE League of Legends team won against Simsbury. They came home with a plaque showing their victory. In the playoffs, UHSSE had three teams, the Smash team, Madden team, and the League of Legends team. The League of Legends team was the only team of the UHSSE esports to advance to the championships.

Mr. Eaton said, “the Smash game was extremely close, Madden was a similar thing that happened.”

All the games were based on the best out of three, meaning whoever won the most games out of three would win. On the League of Legends team are Prasidda Pandey ‘23, Oscar Wong ‘23, Xavier Torres ‘23, Devanney Thomas ‘23, and Alexandros Cooke-Politikos ‘23. In the playoffs, Prasidda Pandey had ranked #1 and Devanney Thomas had ranked #5.

For Pandey, playing in the playoffs and championship was “something new” and says they all had a lot of fun playing as a team.

Wong said, “it felt like a track meet, being able to watch all the other players before proving yourself in your own event.”

Both Pandey and Wong were nervous and stressed at the beginning of the competitions but overall they both really enjoyed the time they had playing with the team and said they would definitely do it again.

Pandey and Wong both described being in shock when they won, the adrenaline was still there from playing the game but ultimately when they calmed down it felt amazing to have won and to be first out of the entire league.

“The game was tense and both teams were waiting for the other to make a mistake. Our team broke through and secured kills.” Wong said as he recalled his most memorable moment. “Devanney started singing Ice spice, and the entire room started laughing. I saw Simsbury’s mental strength starting to crumble and I knew this was our game to win.”

For Pandey, his most memorable moment was the last two seconds of the game and when they realized they won.

UHSSE League of Legends team worked very hard at securing all their wins and the school congratulates all the team members and everyone else who had been working towards this incredible victory.