Give Spirit Week a chance


Tanmay Thaker '24

A calendar of the December 2022 spirit week.

Spirit week has recently been announced, and people are having mixed feelings around the school. There are mostly two sides to the story- some people are glad we’re getting anything at all and some people are angry that we have to wear uniform pants.

The first side to the debate we’re exploring is the side that is happy we’re getting a spirit week at all. We haven’t necessarily gotten any school events or dress-down days since school has been in session, so the people on this side of the debate are reasonable. This side of the debate also consists of some teachers (i.e. Mr. Dunn and Mrs. Grayeb) because they had to fight to even get a spirit week for the school.

This side of the debate is excited about the incentives, especially before the winter break. Spirit week is also a good way to build up the excitement for The Amazing Race happening on Dec. 23. Although spirit week might not be exactly as we want it, it’s fun that we’re getting a spirit week at all because the staff didn’t have to make this happen for us, yet they did.

The opposing side to the argument says that spirit week is pointless if we can only change our tops. People have been saying they lost most of their excitement for spirit week because we can’t dress down all the way.

Although they have a point, there is a reason behind the staff not being able to give us a full dress down for spirit week. People in the past have abused their privilege of a full dress down, so they have to take precautions this year. While it might seem unfair to be reprimanded for other people’s actions, looking on the bright side– we might be able to earn it back next year if we do well this year.

So, please participate in this year’s spirit week and show your spirit for the Hawks before we go into the new year.