Golf team receives new equipment


Courtesy photo

UHSSE golf team got a very generous donation of golf equipment.

Recently the University High School golf team received a generous donation of golf equipment from the Keney Links, a local organization for Black female golfers which was founded in 1962.

Gayle Hooker brought the equipment on behalf of the Keney Links, which is based at the Keney Park Golf Course. UHSSE was chosen to receive the kind donations due to our bright and respectful student athletes “who actually use the Keney golf course to practice as well as play their matches” per Athletic Director Anthony Mucciaro’s words.

UHSSE is one of three schools in Hartford that has a golf team with the majority of the team being girls, which made the donation even kinder as the Keney Links Golf Club is a team of Black women.

Mr. Mucciaro spoke about how golf is an expensive sport and how the donation will give the athletes of UHSSE the chance to play even if they don’t have any equipment or experience.

Specifically, the donation was of “over $2,000 worth of golf equipment, varying from six full sets of clubs, 1,000 golf tees, 150 golf balls, and the ability for young athletes to play a sport they enjoy.

One athlete for the UHSSE golf team is Cassidy Ward ‘23, who’s been playing golf for two years, and she spoke about how much the donation has and will help their team, “a lot of our team are girls, so getting that equipment from other women in golf was inspiring.” Ward said when referring to the donation.

When asked how the donations will impact the program going forward, Ward said “not everyone was able to afford equipment since golf is so expensive, I think these donations are going to bring in new people who weren’t able to afford equipment or people who may want to try golf out.”

This donation was very generous and will help the UHSSE golf team out a bunch when it comes to inspiring the athletes or giving many students chances to enjoy themselves.