Math team finding formula for success


Nickeya Jones '23

The University High School’s very own Math Team with Math coaches, Mr. Dunn and Ms. Grayeb.

Did you know that University High School has a math team? They meet once a week to practice challenging math problems and they compete in CAML (Capital Area Math League) competitions.

Schools from Hartford County compete against each other in six meets a year. There are six rounds, five individuals, and one team round there are three questions per round that get harder with each question. The first question is worth one point, the second question is worth two points, and the third question is worth three points. The A-Team competes in three rounds.

UHSSE’s math team made states last year. There are 22 schools in the league. UHSSE’s math team is tied for 16th place. They are ahead of Bristol Central High School And Wethersfield High School and Manchester High School.

They have an upcoming meet in February and a meet in March at Glastonbury High School.

“We’re in a building year,” said Kate Grayeb, UHSSE math teacher and math team coach.

Lots of seniors graduated, and a lot of the members are in their first or second year on the team. So they are still learning and experiencing. Our school’s math team has about 10 committed members in the meets.

“Even though we are in a building year they are having a lot of fun,” said Mrs. Grayeb.

Madison McFarlane ‘23 joined last year when they went around asking for more participants. “I joined because there were a lot of smart seniors on the team and I thought it would be better to learn for the SATs. My favorite thing about the math team is going out on meets and I definitely think it is a great experience to have a great thing to put on an application to a job that is heavy in mathematics” said McFarlane.

If you’re interested in joining the math team, see Mrs. Grayeb for more information.