Culture Night brings community together with food, music, poetry

Some seniors are grabbing some multicultural food.

Culture night is a celebration held at the school sponsored by the Black Student Union. It’s a night when families from our school come out to celebrate the culture within our school. Culture night was an excellent opportunity for students to stay after school, have fun, listen to music, eat well, and connect with each other.

There were speakers reading poems for Black History Month, food from different cultures, and music from different cultures. A lot of families and friends came; teachers as well. Culture night was for everyone to embrace their culture, food, and clothing. As well as to appreciate black history month, and embrace who everyone is.

There was an attendance of about 80 people at culture night. More had attended the last culture night before the pandemic, but everyone still had an amazing time. This year’s culture night was described to be just as good as the last, just a little different. Not as many people came, but they still had fun and enjoyed the night.

Nickeya Jones ‘23 and Ayanna Rouse ‘23 said that their favorite part of the night was the food. There was food from different cultures, those who attended got to try them.

Jones said, “trying food from different cultures is really interesting.”

“It was great to see everybody in person again.” Joseph Miller, a social studies teacher, and BSU adviser commented, “It was a positive for the group, for morale, and for the school community. Good food, good music, how can you beat that?”

So with that please look forward to the next culture night.