New book club a welcome addition to UHSSE


Victoria Perez '24

The new book club is having one of its first meetings.

University High School offers a variety of clubs and fun activities in the morning during the activity block. Recently a book club was started and meets every other Friday in room 202 during activity block.

“So far the book club has been entirely run by students, and I think that’s super cool so whatever direction they wanna take it in is great.” said faculty advisor Amy Baldyga.

The book club is still discussing what books they will be reading.

One of the reasons Ms. Baldyga agreed to be the advisor for this club is because she has a variety of books in her room. She feels that as a teacher she has an obligation to provide her students with what they need to be successful. She also does not want the reading to feel like it’s an assignment.

Students have said that they created the book club mainly because they want people to be able to talk with each other and share ideas.

“I want it to be a place to connect, but I don’t want it to be like most book clubs where you have to read big books and have to read lots of chapters.” said co-founder Preeti Aggarwal ‘25.

During the book club, students mainly discuss different types of books, as a whole, the club does not do very much reading but the individual students do a lot of reading. The other co-founders of the book club agree with Aggarwal that the club mainly discusses books.

“The club itself mainly talks about different types of books.” said co-founder Safia Ali ’25.

“Reading-wise in the club we don’t read that much, but individually we read a lot.” said co-founder Aurpa Shamshul ‘25.

There is not a specific type of book that the club talks about and they are very open to new ideas. They are also still accepting new members, anyone that is interested in joining should reach out to one of the founders, Ms. Baldyga, or stop by room 202 on one of the Fridays that they are meeting.