Students celebrate Earth Day by beautifying campus

For the past three years our school has held an event on earth day to clean up the area around our school. This year on earth day students had painted rocks beforehand for a rock garden at our school. Students this year also went and cleaned up the streets from the school all the way out Albany avenue. They also placed mulch down and planted some plants in front of the school. It’s important to do this for our school to make it look clean, especially since our school’s area is often used as a dumping ground for trash.

While cleaning up the area the student may find some bizarre things. Mrs.Baseler stated, “The strangest thing they found this year was a skeleton, probably from a deer or dog.” students, teachers, or others who helped out like to see what’s the strangest thing they find that year. This year they also found brand new clothing in its package.

This year about 35 students came to help clean the area. Dr. Sousa-Pena had also helped out this year. With his knowledge of plants and a parent who also knows a lot about plants, they were very helpful with the planting aspects of the day.

This year’s Earth day event was a success. Students may have different reasons for wanting to help clean the outside area of our school. For Dah Lwel ‘24, he said, “I chose to help out because I truly love the earth.” For Nickeya Jones ‘23 she said, “ I wanted to help make a difference in our school and to help our school look better.”

To see the difference in cleaning up the area that surrounds our school is amazing. It’s important to not only our school but also the environment to clean the outside of the trash that is thrown around onto the ground. Next Year on earth day try to clean up some trash and see the difference that it made.