Apollo Class elects next year’s officers

University High School recently held class elections for the sophomore class of 2025—the Apollo Class—for the offices of class president, class vice president, and class treasurer.

“I think the elections went very well, I’m very happy with how everything turned out all the candidates were very polite and respectful to each other throughout the whole campaign.” said sophomore class advisor Amanda Faria “Even though some of them didn’t win they were still happy for the people who did and they are all still friends, so I’m happy that they were able to handle it with grace, and be supportive of each other.”

The winning candidates have said that they are excited about their new roles.

“I ran for class president because I like the excitement of running, but also because I like to plan events,” said class president Trevor Thomas ’25.

“I ran for class vice president because I wanted to help students, and help the school be more exposed to spirit and the Apollo class of 2025,” said class vice president Derek Yeboah ‘25.

“I mainly ran for class treasurer because there’s not a lot of competition,” said class treasurer Emmet Spaeth ‘25.

Mrs. Faria also said that she is very happy for the winning candidates because it will be an amazing opportunity for them to grow, and take on new responsibilities as class president, class vice president, and class treasurer. She also believes that Thomas, Yeboah, and Spaeth are very dedicated to the school, and to their fellow students, because Thomas is involved with a lot of sports, Yeboah does the morning announcements and is also part of Model UN, and Speath does sports and is on the robotics team. And this will also be a wonderful opportunity for the three of them to be able to get to know more people, and to each experience a piece of leadership. She also hopes that they keep their grades in check, and stay respectful to their peers, and to staff members.

This election is for junior year, and there will likely be another one for senior year. Junior year is a very busy year because of homecoming etc. There will be fundraisers and they will also be planning for their prom, and their senior field trip.

One of the things that Thomas is hoping to accomplish as class president is plan a good field trip, and prom, as well as dress down days. Yeboah is also hoping to get the school more field trips, and make school fun. Spaeth hopes to do the job to the best of his ability.

Thomas would also like to thank his fellow students for voting for him, and he said that he, Yeboah, and Speath  have great planning and ideas of things that they can bring to the school. Yeboah also has a message to his fellow students that there may be ups and our years at the school, but there’ll be a light at the end of the tunnel.