Cross country team is off to the races

Catherine Hockenhull ’25 has had a strong sophomore season.

The University High School cross country team is back this season! With Coach Brown leading them again, they are sure to succeed this year.

Coach Brown has been coaching cross country for a while. When he first started coaching, the old principal asked him to, and since he did track in high school, he said yes. When he went to the first meet, he did not know how it was scored. But now, he is an amazing coach and has been growing with his team.

“The best thing about Cross Country is if you can run, you can be in Cross Country.” said Coach Brown.

When interviewed about the season, Coach Brown stated that the season is going well, but the “team is smaller this year due to a lot of the seniors graduating last year”.

Owen Zielinski ‘23 said, “For the team, pretty well. Not as good as last year due to a lot of the good runners from last year graduating. But we still have some good runners.”

Both Coach Brown and Zielinski said that Tanmay Thaker ‘24 is one of their best runners, along with Catherine Hockenhull ‘24.

UHSSE wishes the Cross Country team good luck with the rest of their season.