New STEM Center supports students

A group of seniors meeting in the STEM Center for a college visit.

For a few weeks now the STEM Community Center – which is the room with the glass doors on the right of the water fountain – has been newly set up. Since last year, plans for that room to be used instead of the library were put into place. The STEM Community Center is a space that focuses on technology since the University of Hartford has a research library and technology is used more increasingly than books (which are found in some classrooms). It’s not only a hangout spot or additional working area.

Principal Sean Tomany said that the STEM Center is, “a space where we could do…family training…college[visits], studying, [and to] socialize… to make a focal point for the school around STEM [and] community.”

Ariana Cruz, the Family community service support provider (FCSSP) said, “it is a place that’s utilized [as] a safe haven for students.”

English teacher Joseph Tarantino said that the STEM Community Center is a place where special events such as the Literary Magazine kickoff (which are still in the process of being) will hopefully be placed there. As well as readings of seniors in the English 1007 class. Other clubs use it too such as the Math Club and Robotics Club on occasion.

“I think the space in there is great…I think it looks nice and it’s…’s nice to have a space that reflects our school…”

Tarantino also is hopeful in regards to the space because it’s new and that use of that area is for  certain things.

The STEM Community Center has gotten a lot of attention. Students do study, eat, sit and talk there as well. As long as they have a pass.

Samech Harris ‘24 said “I love the energy in there…very good vibes.”

Students can come to get class work done when their classroom is too distracting or not the best space for them and those who want to work on their senior year capstone project. The STEM center also  helps  students get uniforms and properly functioning computers.

However, the STEM Community does way more than help students alone.

It helps according to Cruz, “students, families, teachers the STEM Center is open to everybody…even outside families…and outside schools.”

Cruz has worked at three different high schools but she adores UHSSE for its diversity and community feel here.

“The overall goal and purpose is for students, and our building is only here because of our students.”