Is BBL culture coming to an end?

The infamous BBL. We all know what it is. But in case you don’t, a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a cosmetic procedure that enlarges the buttocks and reduces the waist. Nowadays almost every woman has or wants one. Not only celebrities, but everyday people as well.

But lately I’ve noticed a shift. Some celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, are ditching the big booty and small waist for a slimmer, more natural physique. And you’re probably wondering… Why? Why do so many people want or have a BBL? And why are BBLs suddenly going out of style?

I would say one of the main influences of BBL Culture is Kim Kardashian. Black women are definitely the blueprint of the body type itself, but Kim is the pinnacle of modern BBL culture. She is, or was, the prime example of the unrealistically curvaceous, yet greatly desired hourglass figure.

For example, do you guys remember when Kim absolutely BROKE the internet in 2014 with that picture of her holding the glass on her booty? Cause I sure do, and I was only 8 at the time! Kim K helped make big booties mainstream, and since then they’ve only gotten more popular. And ever since then, an hourglass figure has become the beauty standard for celebs and ordinaries alike.

But BBLs have started to become too mainstream. Like the other day at my dentist’s office, not only did the dentist have a BBL but so did the nurse. And if everyone has something, its value begins to decrease, and that’s what’s happening to BBLs.

If you’ve seen pictures lately you’ll notice that Kim Kardashian has reversed her BBL. In her latest SKIMS campaign, she sported a significantly slimmer, more natural figure. And to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress, she reportedly dropped 16 pounds. I would guess that it’s because everyone has the exaggerated, hourglass figure.

Now that Kim Kardashians lost the booty, it’s only a couple months before other celebrities begin to follow suit. When that happens the beauty standard will slowly shift as well. Basically what I’m saying is BBLs are out and skinny is in. It’s no longer givin’ Casamigos and Fashion Nova two pieces, it’s givin’ daiquiris and Louis Vuitton.