Model UN club visits New York City

The Model UN club posing in front of the United Nations building.

The school Model United Nations group took a trip to New York City on Oct. 20 to meet with delegates from their chosen country. They chose Romania and Bosnia. They went to the Romanian consulate and talked with the Romanian ambassador.

To prepare for this event, the Model UN group had to research the history of their chosen county. As well as find current research on the topic they chose about their chosen country.

They were also required to write a paragraph about the topic and how their country would feel about that topic. They were also required to choose three questions to ask the ambassador/assistants.

At this event, they were able to listen to the ambassador and the assistants about the current events in the chosen country like the effects of the war in Ukraine. They were also able to ask questions dealing with topics they picked.

“I enjoyed the meeting that we had but I wish we could have done more with the UN,” said Owen Zielinski ‘23.

Sadly, Owen said he didn’t get to talk to as many people as he got to talk to in previous years.

“It was a very wonderful and busy day. Everyone loves New York” says Susan Pedrick, engineering teacher and Model UN organizer.

Model UN has an upcoming event on December 3rd and 4th. They will go to the University Of Hartford to debate their topics with other high school students from around Connecticut. And they will try to come up with resolutions that all countries will be happy with.

“I thought the New York trip went well, I learned a lot from the trip and meeting with Romanian diplomats and I think we can definitely use what we learned for the conference in December,” said Isabella D’Agostino ‘25.

This group gives you lifelong leadership, teamwork, and debate skills.

If you would like to sign up next year, the sign up happens very fast at the start of the year so just look around for the flyers around the school and listen out for the announcements.

As of right now our school is on a grant so it is free to join and participate!