Three-on-three basketball takes the court

Three on three basketball finally makes a comeback.

The winter sports season is on its way, and with that comes 3 on 3 basketball!

The basketball program at University High School has been ongoing for the past six years, except for during COVID.

3 on 3 basketball is a program spanning 4-5 weeks where players compete anywhere from 2-4 games each Tuesday and Thursday. Rules for the game can vary. Students may compete with a goal of reaching a set score of 21 or play two, 10 to 15 minute sets.

Athletic director A.J. Mucciaro recommends 3 on 3 basketball to interested students. “Three on three is an opportunity for University High School students to partake in 3 on 3 basketball. It goes from two days a week and it’s an hour to two hours a day. This is where students get to practice their skills, work with each other, and showcase their talents for the varsity coach,” said Mr. Mucciaro.

Mr. Mucciaro himself has played competitive basketball. He highlights the fact his team wasn’t the best, yet is grateful for the many lessons and treasures he obtained through the experience.

“It taught me commitment, dedication, and how to fight through adversity,” said Mr. Mucciaro. “And the best lesson for me was teamwork because three of my best friends today are individuals I grew up playing basketball with.”

Ethan St. Ange ‘26 hopes to apply some of the lessons learned through previous years of playing basketball, on to this upcoming season. “It’s not all about yourself, ” said St. Ange. “I learned selflessness. Last year, for me it was all about points, points, points, but I realized the importance of creating opportunities for other players.”

The 3 on 3 basketball program is a great transitory tool for freshmen and sophomores that wish to display their athleticism before trying out for the UHSSE basketball team.