Boys’ basketball tries to end season on a high note

As the basketball season is nearing its end, there is reason to celebrate! The University High School basketball team has won their most recent game against classical, 44–42. “They were the second best team in the league and we beat them on their senior night”, said Jonathan Christian 23’

Coach Cardona hopes this will be the first win to kick off a winning streak. “Our ideal ending is 3 straight wins to close out the season. Definitely want to see my Seniors go out on a win on Senior Night on February 22,” says Coach Cardona. “They deserve it.”

This seems to be a common goal, as senior Jonathan Christian’s 23’ ideal ending is their team taking the win on February 22. “I feel like that would overcome most of the obstacles we went through throughout the season. That would seal it all.”

The basketball team’s current record is 4-15. Coach Cardona does not see their losses as a negative, but simply building blocks for future success.  “Experience is the greatest teacher. These close losses will eventually turn into close wins,” says Coach Cardona.

Throughout the season, the undying spirit of his players is something Coach Cardona is most proud of. “My guys don’t quit. They play hard. They give it their all and are not fazed by the mounting losses, says Coach Cardona. “They still have an inner confidence that will carry them forward.”

Coach Cardona is pleased with his players’ performance on the court, but more notably, their behavior off the court. “Everybody on the team is a superior human being who will become contributing adults to our society as they transition into adulthood. I have received many compliments from officials and other teams about their behavior and attitudes,” says Coach Cardona.

Their senior night will be held at the HMTCA gymnasium on February 22. If their most recent game is any indicator of the future, success seems to be on its way for the UHSSE basketball team!