Tyler, the Creator album showcases artistic growth, maturity


Although many Tyler, The Creator fans (including me) were hoping for a fresh album to kick off the summer. We were equally blessed with the deluxe version of Call Me If You Get Lost, The Estate Sale.

The original CMIYGL album was Tyler’s 6th studio album and was released on June 25, 2021. The deluxe edition was released on March 31. The Estate Sale adds an additional 8 songs to the album, bringing the total from 16 to 24 songs. Both editions are narrated by DJ Drama, hyping up Tyler while he spits his rhymes like a proud uncle. The expanded version of the album executes a perfectly seamless transition. The song SAFARI flows almost perfectly into EVERYTHING MUST GO, and thus the rest of the album commences.

Nonetheless, this album truly showcases the progression Tyler, The Creator has shown throughout his musical career. From violent raps and trolling on Twitter, to maturing and starting to truly embrace his fame, maturing and finding out who he truly is. The old Tyler still shines through a bit, in some of Tyler’s more diverse rap songs on the album like MASSA, CORSO, and STUNTMAN. But, this is channeled through more emotional lyrics in the raps, rather than  his emotions being channeled through anger. This is a sign of Tyler’s growing maturity and his growing artistry. He replaces gorey lyrics with boasts about his wealth and his world-famous Rolls Royce, whose wit and delivery have almost the same shock value as his debut album, Goblin. 

This album also features Tyler’s love for 80’s synth-funk music on “Boyfriend, Girlfriend” and New Orleans bounce and Southern trap with “Dogtooth” and “Stuntman”. Then comes the breezy and soulful “What a Day” and “Heaven to Me”. In “Sorry Not Sorry”, Tyler explores guilt and how helpless he feels for not using his social status to spread knowledge about black liberation.  All these songs completely complement the atmosphere already set by Call Me If You Get Lost and the fans will be happily awaiting his next musical masterpiece.