Halloween brings fun and frights


Fedora Yeboah '26

English teacher Amy Baldyga and special education teacher Kristin Clisham-Fowler dressed as witches on Halloween.

The Halloween season is already here and it’s time to get into the spirit for all types of frightly thrills. From scary movies to haunted theme parks, here’s all the things you can do for the Halloween season.


As Halloween approaches, so does the time for better, scarier movies to release. The movie we’re most excited about is Halloween Ends, released on October 14th. This movie is the end to the Halloween thrasher series and contains none other than Jamie Lee Curtis to have her final stand down with Micheal Myers. The now thirteen movie series has contained Jamie Lee Curtis in all the movies, and it must be exciting to see how the franchise ends, so definitely give it a try.

Hellraiser is another movie franchise that has released another film. Although the movie is quite graphic and we doubt the most recent movie is the last of its kind, it still made it into this article. The movie had its world premiere September 28th but was later adopted by Hulu on October 7th, so you can watch this one at home. The Hellraiser movies are quite gorey and aren’t meant for the lighthearted, so watch at your own risk.

Theme Parks

Six Flags always has their annual Fright Fest during the spooky season, and with the lifted COVID restrictions, it might be more lively than it was in the past years. Fright Fest includes many rides with frightly decorations, creepy characters walking around and rides turned into haunted houses. Although it’s quite far, definitely visit Six Flags Fright Fest if you want a scary experience mixed with the thrill of roller coasters.

A closer and more affordable option would be Lake Compounce, as they have their Phantom Fall Fest. The amusement parks have similar concepts, but Lake Compounce is more focused on water rides so it lacks the rollercoasters. Still, give it a shot if you want to experience a closer, more affordable version of Fright Fest.

Haunted Houses

Last but certainly not least, the haunted houses. I haven’t been to many, but this might have to be my favorite Halloween attraction. FrightHaven is a favorite by far. They have different decorations and scares every year and it’s an absolute 10/10. The food is good and the workers are nice when you need help. It’s a scary but great experience and even though it’s in Stratford, it’s definitely a recommended experience if you have the time.