Boys’ soccer team is making its mark

Ka’ron Wright ’24 keeping the ball away from an opponent.

The University High School soccer team has made their mark in their conference with a current record of 3 wins and 5 losses. Some highlights this season are the 3-1 victories against Parish hill and Aerospace academy.

The foundation for a good teacher is passion and the passion Coach Silenok has for soccer is undeniable. “I’m always trying to think of what the best practice is going to be or what strategy we’re going to be using in a game. It completely takes over my life in the fall season,” said Ms. Silenok. For coaches and players, soccer’s influence goes beyond the field. For Coach Silenok, it’s the time spent thinking about the sport. For others, it’s the lessons you learn through the sport that you apply in other aspects of your life. “I learned that you really can’t do things alone and that you always need support in life, and that goes beyond the game,” said Dario Soto ‘24.

The importance of communication and teamwork are stressed throughout the player’s responses. When asked their sport’s goal for the season, Lucien Twizere ‘24 said, “I just want to have a good team, good teammates and to have an overall good effort; better communication, so we can get better as a team.”

One thing Coach Silenok is extremely pleased with her team so far this season is their collaboration and teamwork. “The boys sticking together as a team is what I’m most proud of. Not turning on each other and planning a way together to come out of a game”, said Coach Silenok. The soccer team’s successes are not only a testament of their hard work, but the healthy team dynamic they have created.

Before games, Coach Silenok reminds her players, “Whoever shows up to play will win the game.” When you’re up against proficient competition, the line between winning or losing becomes very thin. Through this mantra, Coach Silenok reminds her players to pay attention to the smaller, technical aspects of the game.

To make the CRAL playoffs the team has to be top four in the league and with eight wins the team can make states.

The captains of the team are Garrett Bartko ’23, Sean Morillo ’23, and Paramvir Rakwal ’23.

Rakwal is confident the team will make it to states and to the CRAL tournament, but said the team is working on consistency.

“We can be the best team in the league at points then lose to average teams,” he said.

We commend the UHSSE soccer team not only for their efforts, but for their devotion to their team. The UHSSE soccer team holds a very promising future and we wish them luck for the remainder of their sport’s season.

Tanmay Thaker ’24 contributed to this story.