Volleyball team qualifies for CRAL playoffs

The girls volleyball team’s celebrating their senior night featuring Ayanna Rouse (16), Elisa Connell (24), Mia Rodriguez (22), Albiona Teqolli (4), Pooja Tirumali (3), Kaleigh Baker (11), Kendra Baker (5), and Team Managers Cassidy Ward and Nickeya Jones.

The UHSSE girls volleyball team has had an amazing start this year but sadly is coming to a close.

This year the team has had 15  successful wins this year so far and 5  sorrowful losses, despite the losses the team has been able to mold into an unbreakable team, the head mentor of the team: Coach Dunn states that ¨Everyone is a key player of the team even players that are on the bench, and are team players but the players that have really stood out this season to help their team successfully win to victory are Kaleigh Baker ’23, Kendra Baker ’23 as well as Albiona [Teqolli ’23], Mia Rodriguez ’23, Ayanna Rouse ’23, and Mia Perez ’24 in the middle, we are a pretty well-rounded team Jenna Ghonaim ’25, she has really improved this season.¨

I’ve seen these players in action and I would agree with Coach Dunn, I could see how passionate they are to win the game and also how they always strive to get the win.

The team still has some improvement to do with the biggest games left on the schedule. “I’ve been thinking about, for the last week or two, after two losses in the last two weeks, and to be honest, I think the biggest things we could improve on is not necessarily improving things we are doing but take advantage of weaknesses of our opponent, the small dams of our opponents and that’s what we can excel because we are a pretty well-rounded team we don’t have anyone that is coming out and hitting the ball super hard every game, but we want our girls to put the balls were the opponent is not” Coach Dunn said.

Both bakers mentioned how the team stands at this point of the season. Kendra Baker says “we all work very hard, we all try staying in the same mental space to win the game but sometimes it’s difficult to do that, Kaleigh Baker:” I definitely feel like we’ve improved so much since last year, and also, this year we´ve been prioritizing positive attitude as a whole and that’s has helped us the towards the season”, I’ve noticed that most of the players on the team have learned on how to focus more on their mindset more than their physical state because if they have this great physical body but not a clear mindset then that won’t help them win more of their games

Albiona Teqolli is looking forward to the rest of the season and wants to make the most out of it because it is her and about 6 other Vb girls last year. They “want to make it to the finals and win the conference games because it would be the first time in UHSSE that the varsity volleyball girls have won it for our school”

Both Kaleigh Baker and Kendra Baker were also named to the Capitol Region Athletic League all-conference team.

The girls lost their last game at Canton on 10/26 but they have the conference playoffs and state tournament coming up. Good luck to them and hopefully win the finals!