Get to know a teacher: Mrs. Faria


Victoria Perez '24

Amanda Faria is a Spanish teacher at UHSSE. She teaches Spanish 1.

Amanda Faria is a Spanish 1 teacher here at the University High School. She had been teaching her for 5 years and this is her first job as a teacher.

Mrs. Faria went to college at Central Connecticut State University. While in college she got her Bachelor of Science in Education for Spanish, a minor in Italian, and a master’s in Spanish culture.

Inside the school (other than teaching Spanish), Mrs. Faria is a class advisor and is in charge of the student council for the class of 2025. She also chaperones any events held by the school and volunteers a lot for the school.

For Mrs. Faria this year has been good for her. “When you’ve been teaching for five years, it’s way better than your first year,” said Mrs. Faria.

For Mrs. Faria, her favorite thing about teaching is the language and the Spanish culture. Being able to expose kids to a culture that they might not get to experience or be exposed to is a part of her job she loves.

Mrs. Faria also loves the school-building relationship aspect of it, being able to see freshman students enter high school and giving teachers hard times, then they come back as juniors or seniors and say how they loved your class and you made a difference. Also being able to see those students cross the stage at graduation and realizing they grew up a lot is incredible to Mrs. Faria.

For Mrs. Faria he favorite thing about working here is the people she works with, she loves all her colleagues and Mr. Tomany. “We’re a family, we hang out outside of school, we go to each other’s parties,” said Mrs. Faria.

Outside of school, she likes to bake, so her baking takes her stress away. She also enjoys basketball and will play whenever she has the chance.