Get to know a teacher: Mr. Bevans


Victoria Perez '24

Jon Bevans, a history teacher at UHSSE.

Some people may have a favorite teacher and some don’t, those who do may favor Jon Bevans, social studies teacher, as theirs.

Mr. Bevans, a teacher who has been teaching for 15 years, long enough to have taught at the older version of University High School, may be easily known for his unique and likable personality.

He’s open with students, sharing facts about his personal life and who he is as a person. Some may agree that Mr. Bevans has an open and honest teaching style, doing his best to help his students get by during the school year. His style of teaching also incorporates a lot of writing which yes, may be tedious, but he’s sure it will help a ton for students not too experienced. He teaches classes such as civics, foundations of government, and ECE United States History.

If one got to know Mr. Bevans one’d possibly find out he went to plenty of different colleges in states such as Arizona, Vermont, and Massachusetts. This made him a great choice for teaching college courses for students at UHSSE, where he has been teaching college courses for years.

Mr. Bevans has had a ton of different jobs and careers before teaching, such as cleaning and washing dishes. His large job history makes a lot of sense considering Mr. Bevans has been all over the country. Traveling to many different states, he’s well-versed in the hobby of traveling.

Speaking of hobbies, even though Mr. Bevans hasn’t been able to travel for a long time he still keeps up with his hobbies, he has a hobby most may have never heard of called “porching.” Mr. Bevans spoke highly of porching describing the hobby as relaxing. Living in a historic house built during the civil war era, his house not only has a porch, has something called a “coal chamber door.”

Mr. Bevans’ favorite thing about teaching is helping his students reach their epiphany moment where they finally understand something. As most teachers could relate, this shows Mr. Bevans cares about his students and how he helps them grow as people.

Against popular opinion, Mr. Bevans favors the small yet large enough size of UHSSE. He mentioned how the school is small enough that people get to know each other easier. Mr. Bevans hopes there will be more electives and sports options for students in the future.

When asked Mr. Bevans said the one thing he favors most about his students is how unique they all are, stating “it’s their uniqueness, getting to know them individually I think is one of the most important things to do.”

Being a person that looks up to their parents highly, Mr. Bevans spoke about how he deeply looks up to and respects his mother and father due to their dedication no matter what.

Lastly, Mr. Bevans has collected about 47 different currencies from all over the world and they now sit on the wall in his classroom. A few of his students even gifted him most of the currencies you see there. That just shows how good of a relationship Mr. Bevans maintains with his students.