Get to know a teacher: Ms. Todisco


Victoria Perez '24

Jennifer Todisco is a UHSSE English teacher.

Jennifer Todisco is an english teacher at University High School.

She has been a teacher at University for 11 years and 19 years in total. Before she chose teaching as her career, she tutored and also worked as a waitress to get through college.

She got a University of Connecticut Master’s in five years and also a 092 Administrative degree from Sacred Heart University.

Besides being an English teacher, she is also a UHSSE senior class advisor. She is on The Discipline Committee and in charge of The Attendance, Culture, and Engagement Committee. She is also on The Union School Committee (which helps make sure teachers get treated fairly) and The ECE Site Coordinator (which makes sure UHSSE has UConn classes) as well as The Instructional Leadership Team. Ms.Todisco does a lot to make sure that UHSSE is a great place for the students and staff.

“I don’t mind doing a lot for the school community. I have to work here so I want it to be the best place it can be” said Ms.Todisco.

Her favorite thing about teaching is working with students while her favorite thing about UHSSE is her school community and the people she works with.

Her time at University has been busy but really good and full of ups and downs. “I really like the students I am working with and I love university,” said Ms.Todisco.

She has two children. One is 10 years old, one is seven years old and both want to come to UHSSE.

Ms.Todisco is highly favored by the students at UHSSE. For her kindness, leniency, understanding, and so much more.

“Ms.Todisco, is my favorite teacher because she inspires me to do better not just in English but in all my classes,” said Ethan St. Ange ‘26.

“I hope the newspaper continues. It’s a good way to hear from the kids. I think it’s something we didn’t know we needed” said Ms.Todisco.