Get to know a teacher: Mr. Richters

Art teacher, Mr. Richters smiles at the camera.

Guy Richters is an art teacher at the University High School and has been since 2010. UHSSE is Mr. Richters first full time teaching job. Although, during his teaching training period, he spent some time working at Pathways, Carmen Arce Intermediate School, and Wheeler Elementary.

For college, Mr. Richters went to Central Connecticut State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education (BSED) and Integrative Health Institute (IHI) for his Master of Arts in learning and thinking (MALT).  Before teaching, Mr. Richters worked for Apple.

For Mr. Richters, his favorite thing about teaching is the students.

“It never ceases to amaze me how i get to be a part of a pivotal stage in their lives,” Mr. Richters said. “I’m always humbled by the strength and tenacity our students have to problem solve, learn new things, and develop into their most authentic selves.”

He really admires his students. This year has been a great one so far for Mr. Richters. Although, like many others, this year has gone by fast.

Mr. Richters has been involved in a few activities in school. He has done a mural club, art club, and the yearbook. Outside of school, however, he’s a painter. He mostly paints abstract pieces of artworks. Though he is currently inspired by expressionism through abstraction. It is mainly focused on emotions, events, and moments in time. Mr. Richters is also a mixed-media artist but has been transitioning into digital formats. He says, “it’s all a process.”

Mr. Richters is a kind and understanding teacher. He is also great at his job. He’s always willing to help his students or answer any questions they may have. The classes he teaches are fun and you can really enjoy yourself in them.