Get to know a teacher: Ms. Rivera


Victoria Perez '24

Building sub Samantha Rivera hopes to make an impact on students.

Samantha Rivera is one of University High School’s building substitutes. This year is her first year teaching and it’s also her first educational job.

She is currently in college at Manchester Community College where she is taking education and business classes. Ms. Rivera is still undecided about if she wants to extend her college classes to eight years to get a masters and become a social worker, teacher, or anything in that nature.

Ms. Rivera always wanted to be able to work with students. Before she was a sub, she was (and still is) a counselor at Camp Courant, a non-profit organization that is free to join for the Hartford community, over the summer time every year.

Outside of school, Ms. Rivera has a deep love for cosmetology. She practices with her friends and family until she gets certified to work in a salon. “Education is my career, but cosmetology is my dream,” said Ms. Rivera. She also loves to sing.

Ms. Rivera has had a great first month of school. “Your first year of teaching is always tough but I’ve felt very welcomed” said Ms. Rivera. She is excited about getting to know the students.

“Everyday my students teach me something new when I sub for them” “To me, we are equal and on the same level.” said Ms. Rivera. “One goal I have for this year is to learn new things and be able to day that I got through it and did it well because i strive for excellence and that’s what I uphold my students to as well.” said Ms. Rivera.

Ms. Rivera always expects the best from all her students because she wants all of her students to succeed in life in high school and after. So if you see her in the hallway, or around the school, say hi, introduce yourself, you wont regret it!