Literary magazine celebrates Halloween, plans busy year


Fedora Yeboah '26

The Literary Magazine team at their first event of the year.

On Monday, October 31st also known as Halloween, the literary magazine club held a Halloween magazine event in the community center.

English teacher Joseph Tarantino and his team have been planning since September to get the club up and running. They usually have their meetings on Mondays so when they realized that Halloween was going to be on Monday they thought it was the perfect way to launch the literary magazine this year.

In order to get the word out about the event team members made flyers and posted them around the school.

For their planning of the event, Maddy Dube ’25 said, “It was pretty easy we just figured out what our main goal was: to get scary stories from people to open their imagination, to open up to what they think is best for Halloween. Then we kind of just went from there.”

During the event, they only had time in the morning to show all the stories that got submitted. They got about 15 stories submitted for the event. Mr. Tarantino said, “We didn’t have that much time and had so many submissions so we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get everyone reading and it was also an open event where people can come in and out so there wasn’t really at any point like a captive audience.”

So they ended up deciding that hanging them up on the wall would be the best way for everyone’s stories to have a chance to be read. Toward the end of the event, they had a vote and announced the winners. In first place was freshman Nima Nalergou and in second place was senior Mia Rodriguez.

Mr. Tarantino and club members, including Dube and Kayvon Bussey ’25, said that they thought the event was really nice and had a good time.

Mr. Tarantino said, “It was fun to see students come together and celebrate each other and celebrate each other’s writing. That is exactly what the literary magazine is designed to do. It was nice.”

Dube had said that “I thought the stories were really nice cause there were a lot that came from freshman in Tarantino’s english class, it was nice to see what they came up with.”

Bussey, who had helped set up for the event and helped wherever he was needed, while also bringing more people into the event had said, “it was really fun, it thought it was unique and creative because in different schools they don’t have literary magazines.”

They all seemed to have had a really great time and are looking forward to future events.

The Halloween magazine event was held by the literary magazine club. The literary magazine club is a space for students to be proud of what they wrote or their artwork.

Their artwork can be anything visual such as, drawings and photography. If a student is proud of their work they can submit their work to a google form created by the club. The club has a team of students that will revise and edit the works of students.

The club plans on putting out two additions this year, one in the winter and one in spring. Some of the students are planning on having more events for students to show off their work.

If any other students would like to join the literary magazine club you can go to Mr. Tarantino or some of the other club members.  There will be more flyers posted around the schools so if any students are looking to submit your work you can go look at the flyers to get the proper information you need to do so.