The Mandela effect: not just a conspiracy


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Many people claim to remember South African leader Nelson Mandela’s death in the 1980s, despite the fact that he lived until 2013.

A conspiracy theory is an explanation for an event that rejects the standard theory and invokes powers of a powerful or supernatural sort.

Remember that although these conspiracy theories are entertaining, they aren’t meant to be believed.

This month’s conspiracy theory is the ‘Mandela Effect.’ Some are familiar with the Mandela Effect, but in case you’re not here’s a quick recap.

The Mandela Effect is when a large group of people remember something in a different way than it is in reality. Such as the death of Nelson Mandela, the political activist whom the theory is named after. Most people remember him dying in prison in the 1980s when in reality he died in 2013. Yet somehow people recall learning about it in school & even seeing it on the news in the 1980s.

The Mandela Effect is a very real thing but the conspiracy theory behind it is that there are parallel universes that cross over and information is swapped, leaving some people with different memories of the same event.

Other examples of the Mandela Effect are the ‘Berenstain Bears’ and ‘Curious George’s’ tail.

If you remember watching the Berenstain Bears as a child like I do, you’re probably wondering why I’m spelling it with an ‘a’. Because you may remember it as “Berenstein’ with an ‘e.’ But that was never the case for real. It’s always been ‘Berenstain’ with an A. Which is just crazy, because literally, all my friends think it’s an ‘e.’

As for Curious George, he never had a tail. Like, ever. This is the one that really gets me, because what kinda monkey don’t got a tail? This one’s really crazy to me because most of my friends also remember him having a tail, and even swinging from branches with it.

And so it makes you think, doesn’t it? Why do some people remember events as completelyyyy differently than  others? Maybe there really are parallel universes, and maybe they do swap info.

If we can swap info then can we swap people? Think about it.