Swimmers prepare for another season


Courtesy photo

The swim team will have their first meet at the Cornerstone Aquatics Center.

The University High School swimming season is back up and running. Dec. 1 was their first practice. UHSSE competes as part of a co-op team with Bulkeley High School.

“It was fairly challenging as the only beginner on the team,” said Ridima Khatiwada ‘26. “But Coach Dominguez was nice about it and helped me through it, we learned how to keep our arms bent while swimming and to only breathe once every 2-4 strokes”

Both Phebi Miriku ’26 and Ridima Khatiwada ’26 have swam before but not competitively.

With the season starting up, players have some goals for the season.

“To get a faster swimming time.” said Phebi Miriku ‘26.

“The last time I swam, my time was very low so I’m hoping this swim team would help me work on it. Also I want to work better on my breathing technique and getting better at my strokes,” said Ridima Khatiwada ‘26.

As a team, they want to be able “to communicate as a team” said Phebi Miriku ‘26.

“I hope we all accomplish as a team is to be able to compete with other schools and win” stated Ridima Khatiwada ‘26.

Other UHSSE students on the team are Oscar Wong ‘23, Preeti Aggarwal ‘25, and Arta Soroush ’26.

On Friday, Dec. 17 at Cornerstone Aquatics in West Hartford, the team had their first meet.